Concave Mirror


Accession Number:

Instrument Name: Concave Mirror


The central part of the object is a thick concave mirror creating an enlarged and distorted reflection. The mirror is supported by a steel bracket painted in black. It is secured on a slightly larger round panel by three screws. In the back of the bracket there is an unadjustable screw securing the mirror. There are also three adjustable screws used to fine-tune the mirror’s position. Pieces of masking tape are attached to the steel bracket. The mirror has a visible crack but otherwise functional. The bracket is in fair condition with only minor scratches.

Primary Materials: glass and steel


June 3, 2017, during the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the McLennan building

Dimensions (cm):

diameter of the mirror=20 cm; thickness of the mirror: 3cm; holder length=22.5 cm; holder width=14 cm; holder height=26 cm


The mirror has a small crack.There are some black paint on the surface of of the black bracket.

Date of Manufacture: unknown